Gereformeerde Onderwys

The Bible emphasises the absolute necessity of the Godfearing education of our children. In these years the foundation is laid for the children’s future life. For that reason we want to entrust our children – God’s children – in their school years to people who are themselves believing faithful church members. Parents are reminded of their obligation towards their children. With the baptism of their childen they had promised to instruct them and have them instructed in the doctrine of Scripture. The members of the FRCSA are privileged to have to private Reformed primary schools, one in Bellville (Cape Town) and one in Pretoria. There is also a private Christian primary school in Soshanguve on the premises of the FRC Soshanguve-North. Furthermore there is cooperation with the Reformed High School Dirk Postma in Pretoria.

Gereformeerde Laerskool Johannes Calvyn

Gereformeerde Laerskool Bellville